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Notes at Solstice

The Sun has just passed its midpoint from aligning with Jupiter, now closer toward Saturn. These are the last days of Sag, it is nearly solstice – a long stretch opening toward the full moon brightening through next Sunday 23rd.


I’m writing to you. I’m imagining you as a keen younger astro-wise pupil who might be curious to read along with me. I’m aiming to share my stories with astrology for practitioners.  It’s nearly midnight, nearly 2018. Seven days past

Virgo-Colored Lenses

Today it strikes me all resplendently ripe Boughs resign with fruit already juicing through bird-pecked skins; Far, panoramic pastures sigh harmony with the breeze that paces their omni-rhythmic swaying; Pedestrians, they Promenade and Do Si Do dignifying their evening walk

Once We are Twins, again today

‘I can go faster…’“But I am more clever!”‘You have it so easy, all playful and laughing ~’“Truly you’re blind to when I am alone.”On and on the scurrying duoexalt and succumb, elate, and then deflate.Each moment pregnant with earth rattling

What Shape is your Temple? – musings at the Taurus new moon

Down the road from my home is an ashram. I call it an ashram because that word properly conveys how entering that place immerses you into a world of apparently foreign teachings, how it offers solace and shelter to folks