Chart Reading

chartA reading is a uniquely intimate space to get deep with yourself.

In the words of a recent client: “Wow, I just listened to the recording….what an amazing experience! So much knowledge, so much mystery, and yet you also offered me very practical advice and techniques for how to be in the world while ‘birthing the baby as well as the psychic elder.'”

Expect us to shine light on patterns, and help articulate the moves out from repetition and in to elegant and ever-deepening self care and love.


Proper Reading involves the most thorough preparations on my part. As a deeper reading it aims to lay plain the over-arching designs in your life. About 90 minutes

Usual Reading is for those who have some familiarity with their chart, or who want to bring focus to current affairs, usually an upcoming 6 to 12 months. About 60 minutes

Table Time is a shorthand for some or all of a session being devoted to physical and mental Deep Relaxation/Yoga Nidra. Facilitated touch, laying or sitting

TuneUp cut to the chase on electing a date or clarifying a very specific question. About 30 minutes

Three Session Arc includes a 30 minute picture/phone intake, and 2 || 60 minute in-person sessions, geographical limitations apply. Can opt for hands-on work, and other ritual technology to complement the verbal

Working Hands On includes clear, clothes-on touch to communicate the material not just to your verbal receptors, but to other layers of being. Can be seated, standing, or laying face up

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