Render Your Chart


chartSometime, near the birth end of my lifetime (1975), computers began to render astrology charts, calculated inside of machines. For many, the notion of a hand-drawn chart became archaic. Yet we can recall, elders of this tradition did incredible hand tabulating and drawing of every chart they read. In some schools, enabling these arts is expected before any further interpretation.

chartdrawingAs a teacher of astrology classes, I’d often meet folks knowing how to pick out some, or even most of the symbols printed on their charts, but never having drawn them.

The styles we enact, and each iteration of drawing the parts: a circle, horizons then vertical axis, the planets and on, these becomes the lesson in the doing. We meet new layers of symbol, and experience how these correlates to our lived world. Asking questions together, shared learning arises.

big enough to stand in

Group-sized is big enough to stand in


  • Aim to play with more than one person, as many as five
    More numerous groups can cluster
  • Arrive with inquiry and curiosity
  • Assert :: We cannot do this wrongly, ourselves alive
  • Read your work reiteratively, as ongoing drafts


    full moon set note the contours in the local horizon

  • Don’t render anything beyond your own questioning
    A circle, one angle, then two. Stop. Absorb. Describe.
    Add one object at a time, layering the context, seeing pattern and also participate in how a wise self will bring things forward to teach you step after step
    Apply round and square charts, whole and other house systems, season- sky- and star-based zodiaca, and other, futher sculpture

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